Brother S1000A

The Brother S1000A single needle lockstitch machine provides stable sewing and offers excellent durability.
  • Stable sewing with low thread tension
  • Preventing puckering and material slippage

Stable quality sewing with optimal thread tightening
Low thread tension sewing

The mechanisms of the thread take-up, rotary hook and feed are optimally designed for the stable, low thread tension sewing. Ideal seams with optimal thread tightening can be obtained regardless of the type of the thread.
Preventing puckering and material slippage

With the eccentric feed bar stud, the tilt of the feed dog can be adjusted. This prevents puckering and material slippage.

Support for use of attachments

The Brother S1000A Single Needle Lockstitch machine is equipped with some attachment taps on the top of the bed for the use of attachments on the market.
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